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P-Clean Inc. conduct's studies on drug testing products, and procedures. We then provide the general public information on, which detoxification brands, are most effective. The primary purpose is to provide safe and effective detoxification products that will quickly work for you! In our quest to find out which detoxification brand provided the highest quality, we ask the following questions.
  • What is the average time period people have to detoxify, after being requested to submit a urine, hair, blood, or saliva sample for drug testing?
  • Which detoxification products have the highest success rate in regards to the sample donor’s body weight, fat percentage, toxin load, and overall metabolism?
  • When researching any product P-Clean Inc. Laboratories requires that each company studied to send our labs the product Certificate of Analysis? This contains precise ingredient weights & measurements of all of the ingredients listed on the products package or supplements facts label.
  •  How long do certain drugs, chemicals, and intoxicants remain in the body? For more specific details reference our DRUG TIME TABLE.
The final question to every herbal detoxification manufacture, retailer, and consumer: Are the detoxification products made from Organic ingredients? If not why would any company sell consumers a detoxification product that was not made from non-toxic ingredients? The vast majority of detox products on the market were eliminated from the testing during this phase of the process.

This study concluded with Oasis detoxification products being the clear choice and absolute best-formulated 1 hour emergency detox products! They are made from certified organic ingredients! Why use a cleansing formula made with herbs farmed with pesticides?

Our staff is comprised of experienced herbalist, nutritionist and chemist that have an in depth knowledge of natural detoxification. Based on extensive research they know which cleansers work, and which ones don’t!

In conclusion we only promote safe detoxification products that offer consumers a 100% money back guarantee.
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