Free Product Offer

Frequent customers purchasing P Clean Emergency Detox capsules can earn a free product credit when you save three (3) product box bottoms. Be sure to detach the Bar-code located on the bottom of the product box. Mail the detached box bottoms in for proof of purchase along with a $5.00 money order to cover shipping.  You will receive a free box of   P Clean detox capsules.

Note: The bottom of the free box of P Clean that you receive will be stamped with an X, which means that the free box shipped does not count as a customer purchase. Credit will not be received for boxes marked X.

The $5.00 Money order must be mailed to insure free product shipment. All proofs of purchase shipped without $5.00 shipping fee will be disqualified.

Mail proofs of purchase to: Day Light Nutrition  8565 Airport Road  St. Louis, MO 63033
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