Urine Testing

Very Important Facts About
Urine Testing

1) The burden of proof is in the laboratory to show and prove that the sample was adulterated.

2) As the sample donor, it is best to never admit to taking anything.

3) Ask what two methods were used for confirming the result, and what are the corresponding levels.

4) What are the qualitative and quantitative levels of the adulterant found in the sample?

5) Which of the two separate methodologies were used to determine the presence of this adulterant as required by DOT guidelines?

6) Ask the tester was one of their methods a wet chemistry test of just a simple dipstick.

7) Ask to see their documented proof that this adulterant is not a natural constituent of urine.

8) Request a report of this information in the form of a print out with their companies letterhead at the top of the page.

Remember: It is within your rights to see and posses the report upon the request. The lab technician is a medical doctor, and by law has to be truthful with you or they are liable for malpractice. Do not accept any verbal information, on the information containing your report documented on a sheet containing their company letterhead.

Note: We do not condone the use of illegal substances, but we understand your lifestyle needs. Our products are designed for personal detoxification only and no other use. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


According to a news report from the Los Angeles Times News service, a study of 161 prescription medications showed that 65 of them produced false positive drug test results in the most widely used testing procedure. Ronald Siegel, who is a psychophamacologist at UCLA said.

The widespread testing and reliance on tell tale traces of drugs in the urine is simply panic reaction invoked because the normal techniques haven’t worked very well. The next epidemic will be testing abuse. Currently, there are now more than over 250 over the counter medications and prescription drugs that can cause false positive test results.

Marijuana False Positives:
Over-the-counter NSAIDS: Ibuprofen, Advil, Nuprin, Mediprim, Motrin, Bayer Select Pain Relief Formula, Excedrin IB Caplets, Genpril, Ibuprin, Midol 200, Pamprin, Trendar Cramp Relief Formula Cramp End Tablets, Medipren, Rufin, Naproxen, Aleve, Ketoprofen, Orudis KT Prescription NSAIDS: Anaprox, Tolectin, Ifenoprofen, Flurbiprofen, oxaprozin, Ansaid, Clinoril, dolobid, Feldene, Incodin, Lodine, Meclomen, Motri, Nalfon, Naprosyn, Orudis, Relafen, Voltare. Over the counter allergy preparations, slee aids and anti-nausea medications that contain promethazine: Promethagan Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), Dronabinol, and Edecrin.

Cocaine False Positives:
Amoxicilin, tonic water, kidney infection, kidney disease, and diabetes

Ecstasy False Positives:
Ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, Nyquil Contact, Sudafed, Allerest, (Tavist-D, Dimetapp, etc.) Robitussan Cold, Vicks Nyquil over-the-counter diet aids with phenylopropanolamine, Vicks inhaler sprays. Prescription Medications (Amfepramone, Cathne, Etafediabe, Morazone, Mesocarb, amineptine, didrex, Ritalin, fenoproyorex, fenelyline, Kidney Disease, Kidney Infection, Liver Disease, Diabetes.

Amphetamine False Positives:
Over-The-counter cold and allergy remedies that contain ephedrine pseudosephedrine, propylephedrine, phenylephrine, Sinex, Actifed, Dristan Cold Caplets, Maximum Strength Sudafed Sinus Caps and Tabs. Maximum Strength Tylenol inus Gelcaps, Neosynephrine, Characol Scinus, Efidac/24, Phenegan-D, Robitussin Cold and Flu, Accutrim. Over-the-counter nazal sprays: Vicks inhaler, Afrin.

Opiate False Positives:
Poppy seeds, Emprin, Tylenol that contains codeine, Capital with codeine, Margesic, rifampicin, Vicodin, Percodan, Percocet, Wygesic.

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